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New server - EtherSide x100 - 25.01.20 - 09/01/2020

We are happy to say you about opening of new server with x100 rates on our project. Which will happen 25 January at 6:00 PM (CEST).

Features of the new game server:

- The worlds first high rated Battle for Azeroth server version 8.2 - x100. (more details about the rates will be discussed later).
- The real PVP server, warmode is always enabled.
- The maximum possible performance for a free server of the current version.
- Fully implemented all content of 8.0 (dungeons, raids, war campaigns).
- Available war campaigns of 8.1.
- The new "Battle of Dazar'Alor" raid has been fully scripted.
- New zone "Darkshore".
- Almost all dungeons are open and scripted, the Mythic + difficulty is available (allows you to use keys).
- Invasions.
- The excellent performance of spells and talents, which allows us to make arena seasons.
- All flight paths are open, all over the world. And the gryphons themselves fly faster than on a regular server.