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Eternal Aion [Update 8.0 July 2021]

Eternal Aion [Update 8.0 July 2021]

Eternal Aion [Update 8.0 July 2021]

GamePlay : Blizzlike

Position 4

Clic Sortant : 30

Head into battle as Ereshkigal or Tiamat! These evil Dragon Lords are two new ultimate transformations. With the new Combat Support system, you can let your hero pick up items for you ? fierce handy! Simply start the Combat Support option and kick back. Thanks to player feedback, you can look forward to improved instance merchants. Plus there?s a whole host of new Lugbug missions, cubelets, Odians and runes to explore. Check it out today!

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News : Aspharanta Complete Conquest Event - 31/05/2021

Available from "July 2021" and valid for 2 weeks only!!!

Once the 8.0 is online, we reserve a surprise only for the players who are most loyal to us!!!

We will do like the official KR server, we will give you a Lvl 80 max character full stuff:

[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate +5 Weapons Selection Box 2x
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate +5 Armour Selection Box x5
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate Accessory Selection Box x6
[Event] Lisiel’s Ultimate Feather Selection Box x3

[Event] +9 Stigma Selection Box x9
[Event] Integrated Return Scroll [Elyos] x10
[Event] Integrated Return Scroll [Asmodians] x10
[Event] Yasba's Grace - Valid 1 Time x10
Transformation Scroll x100
Slot Stone x1000
Blessing Tincture x100

Kinah: 5 Millions.

*1 player per account.