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[GrandChase] ClassicChase - Internation Private Server

[GrandChase] ClassicChase - Internation Private Server

[GrandChase] ClassicChase - Internation Private Server
MMORPG - ~Autre

GamePlay : Fun

Position 7456

Clic Sortant : 119


Classic Chase is opening its doors for every player willing to find back their beloved memories and to create new ones! The grand opening of Classic Chase will be September 9, 2022.

Reconnect with the sweet memories that were born throughout the first playthrough of this ancient gem and, most importantly, build new histories with new friends and players joining for the search of the Grand Chase! We've been striking to create a fun experience for every player out there!

Don't miss the chance. Come join us now!

We've tried to make Classic Chase an enticing experience. However, the amount of changes applied up to this point could be considered low. Reason for this is that we'll be hearing feedback from our playerbase in the search for further improvements.

If you want to join us you can check our website, forum or discord.

Hosting Location: Canada
Server Language: English

Experience Rate: x2
Gold Rate: x1.5

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