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Dream Eden US|FR

Dream Eden US|FR

Dream Eden US|FR

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Dream Eden is a new expansion, a recreated extension from A to Z. We are in development, we are in test version and we will be in beta version so you can come and try the content.

Dream Eden prepares you a beta which will take place on Friday, October 29th at 8 pm. Dream Eden is a very big project and will be released in a few months officially, so be very patient for the official release of Dream Eden.

For the opening of the beta :

- Start from level 20 to level 29.
- Several quests to complete
- Equipment to obtain via a custom currency
- Custom map (Skills, upgrades, rewards...)
- Sanctuary (Hairdresser, Bank, Equipment...)
- Achievements + Titles
- Portal room
- Power Gauntlet system by rank level
- Familiar from the start
- Two new races Worgen and Goblin
- Small neutral capital
- Solo/Group Dungeon
- Spell to be obtained via an interface
- Custom currency to obtain
- Trades
- Event
- Double XP Weekend

The team will be happy to see you in game on October 29th.

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