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T4C Fantasy

T4C Fantasy

T4C Fantasy

GamePlay : Fun

Position 20

Clic Sortant : 57

v1.72 PVE Server since 2007, Everyone Gets Free x5 Seraph, x36 Seraph Max, +4 Weapons, New Islands, 2100+ Addons. Up Since March 2007. Faster Quests.
Many new items, spells and features. dye hair, pick companion and change your skin from NPCs in LH.

v1.72 PVP Server is limited to x1 Seraph with all addons available but with 3 islands disabled.

Rerolling allows you to get Full attributes back, Full Oracle access and CS Quest Gluiurl access. Must be level 250 x36 on PVE Server, or 250 x1 on PVP Server

Seraph Aura benefits is limited to x1 level 25 on both servers for balance. (only to help new people level faster)

Last updated April 24th 2021.
PVE Server:
PVE: XP 5%, Backpack 5%, Equipped 5%, Gold 5%
PVP: XP 5%, Backpack 5%, Equipped 5%, Gold 5%

PVP Server:
PVE: XP 25%, Backpack 25%, Equipped 10%, Gold 25%
PVP: XP 50%, Backpack 50%, Equipped 25%, Gold 50%


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