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GamePlay : Role Play Souple

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Full AION - - NA Client support * Powered by Aion-Core Fast Intel Xeon Quad 32 GB RAM SSD HD Server Location: Germany

All patch features until 4.7 are integrated
New Godstone System integrated
Amplification System integrated
Plume integrated Tempering System integrated
Item Purification integrated
Atreian Passport integrated
Upgrade Arcade Hotspot Teleportation integrated
Multi Return Scrolls Teleportation integrated
Hall of Fame integrated
Bases up to 4.7 integrated
Sieges up to 4.7 integrated
Invasion Raid integrated
All Retail Instances AI Assisted
4.7 Retail Abyss Prestige Glory System
New Brocker System & UI integrated
Fast Track Server emulated (Coming Soon)
All Classes & Skills works retail
Retail Crafting
Retail Wings & Pets & Mounts
Retail Emotes GeoData Integrated
New WDS (Worls Drop System)
And all previous retail features (Quests,Instances,Items,Housing, etc)
Enhanced PvP Systems
NEW: Idgel Dome is a 6v6 PvPvE instance

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