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Aion Classic 1.7 [Retail KR]

Aion Classic 1.7 [Retail KR]

Aion Classic 1.7 [Retail KR]

GamePlay : Blizzlike

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Clic Sortant : 517

Welcome to Aion Classic

We are an international Aion private server and have been doing our bit since 2010.

The objective of Aion Classic is to offer a small community on a human scale on the Atreia universe in Blizzlike conditions (rates x1) with the same philosophy as the official as it existed at the time.

Our server is not a Pay to Win, the store only offers cosmetics and it is absolutely impossible to get any advantage in the game.

The server possesses the Daeva Pass + Beginner Pass & Siel's Energy for reward your journey.


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