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Aion Classic [7.2 NA] (7.5 in progress...)

Aion Classic [7.2 NA] (7.5 in progress...)

Aion Classic [7.2 NA] (7.5 in progress...)

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From out of the shadows comes the powerful Vandal class! With the new Aion: Mark of the Vandal update, players can now create a new Vandal class character and experience their mysteriously potent skills that have been hidden away for centuries. Prepare to expand your adventures into the dangerous new zone of Demaha to bring order to the chaos undermining the Stellin Development Laboratory. Dive deeper into the mysteries that surround Demaha and Stellin, and journey to a once-forgotten land that?s been changed by a greater invading evil. Aion: Return to Katalam will usher in new instances, new arenas, and much more.

Add new "Exp System"
Now, level up 1 to 80 take fews hours!!!

[Auto Farming 7.x]

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News : Auto Farming 7.x - 11/03/2020

Video from server:

[Auto Farming 7.x]

This is what "Auto Farming" looks like
And believe it, you will use it more often than you think!!!

Herelym Mine [Auto Farming] mod
Exclusively on Aion Classic 7.5 (for now)

- You can activate the Combat Support bu clicking the Combat Support Start/Stop button.
- The shortcut for the Combat Support Start/Stop is set to Shift+A, you can change the settings under [Options] - [Key Mapping] - [Function].
- Combat Support Settings button allows you to set Combat Support related features like skills and recovery options.
- Combat Support Statistics window button allows you to check information on acquired items and points.
- Combat Support Statistics are updating in real-time, and will reset once the function has been turned off.
- Combat Support will not be available if the combat in impossible, including death, mounting and flight.
- Combat Support is not available in Groups/Alliances.
- You won’t be able to join a Group/Alliance when the Combat Support is active.
- While the Combat Support is active, all Group/Alliance invitations will be rejected.

- While the Combat Support is active, the camera will be fixed on the character.
- Certain monsters and NPCs might be excluded from the Combat Support.
- You can register up to 5 skills. Open the skill window (K) and drag the desired skills to empty slots.
- With chain skills, registering the 1st skill will make the character use the whole chain.
- With Charging skills, the character will use the maximum charge level of the skill.
- with range skills, the character will move to the required range before using the skill.
- When all skills are on cooldown, the character will perform normal attacks.
- HP/MP recovery items can be dragged to empty slots and used to maintain specified health.
- By selecting Quest Monsters First, the character will prioritize quest monsters.
- By selecting Sell Junk Automatically, junk items will be sold when the inventory is full.

- By selecting Extract XP automatically, your XP will be extracted when it reaches 90% as long as the required items are in the inventory.
- The Minion Info window can be displayed via the Minion Setup window.