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Aion Classic 7.8-7.9 [Now Live]

Aion Classic 7.8-7.9 [Now Live]

Aion Classic 7.8-7.9 [Now Live]

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Head into battle as Ereshkigal or Tiamat! These evil Dragon Lords are two new ultimate transformations. With the new Combat Support system, you can let your hero pick up items for you – fierce handy! Simply start the Combat Support option and kick back. Thanks to player feedback, you can look forward to improved instance merchants. Plus there’s a whole host of new Lugbug missions, cubelets, Odians and runes to explore. Check it out today!

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News : NOW LIVE: PRISON OF TIME - 05/11/2020

Epic New Content for PvP and PvE Gamers

It’s finally here: AION 7.7 – Prison of Time is now live on the Aion Classic servers! Look forward to new content, thrilling challenges and tons of improvements to your favourite game!
What’s New?

PvPvE Battlefield Tempus Fugit: AION vets of both factions must battle their way through the area to take on a powerful opponent, with brand-new ultimate PvP gear waiting in reward!

PvE Dungeon Beshmundir Storm Temple: This dungeon’s had an update! Join five friends in beating this challenge and pick up some ultimate PvE gear in reward!

Ultimate Gear: Magically craft brand-new ultimate gear or collect it from the field prize givers.

Powerful Glyphs: Select from 12 different glyphs which increase your hero’s resistance stats.

Lumiel’s Transmorph: Stuck with gear you don’t need? Then infuse your items with the power of the Aether and craft new ones you really do.

Item Collection: Add a variety of items to your collection. The more collections you gather, the better your rewards.

Even more: On top of all the new content, we’ve also made improvements to Lugbug missions and field prize givers – try it out today.
Want to know more?

Read the patch notes to get the full low-down on all the new contents and changes.