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Aion Classic [Edition KR]

Aion Classic [Edition KR]

Aion Classic [Edition KR]

GamePlay : Blizzlike

Position 8

Clic Sortant : 67

Our server "Aion Classic", wants to offer the best gaming experience, bring fun and maintain challenges and goals, even for advanced players.

Our focus is on reliving the classic experience that Aion once was, so you will find all the difficulties and challenges similar to what Aion was in version, until 2.7, but with a touch to become more attractive and compatible with our community. All the content of version until 2.7, added to extras such as: "Pets, Arena", basically content that was added in later versions.

If you don't like or don't have time to dedicate yourself to an adventure of this level, our server is not advised for you!!!

Our server "Aion Classic", will be a server exactly like what 2.7 was once.

The server will open with the "Daeva Pass" & "Siel's Energy"

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