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Aion: Thunderstorm 8.2

Aion: Thunderstorm 8.2

Aion: Thunderstorm 8.2

GamePlay : Blizzlike

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"Apsaranta" is a land that was ruled by the Dragon Lord "Apsu", who was assassinated by Tiamat.

The Stellin legion pushed in to use "Apsu's" remaining power in "Apsaranta" and the strong energy source discovered in its field for Inanna's Tempering.

However, they were confronted by the "Apsu" legion that remained in the land, and the Elyos and Asmodians who realized this later also advanced, causing "Apsaranta" to become a battlefield of several factions wanting to control this hidden power.

As the various factions are neck-and-neck, the Elyos and Asmodian Empyrean Lords directly command their factions to claim victory. Join the Empyrean Lord's legion and occupy the operation sites to carry out missions.

This is the moment your actions are needed.

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