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Dream Eden | Ultra Fun 3.3.5 US

Dream Eden | Ultra Fun 3.3.5 US

Dream Eden | Ultra Fun 3.3.5 US

GamePlay : Fun

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Clic Sortant : 195

The brand new Dream Eden team is preparing a brand new server, currently under development.
We are going to offer you an Ultra Fun type of server. The team already present on the project is at your disposal
for any questions you may have.

You will start at level 1, in the Skyhold (Zone taken over from Legion, which is the Warrior Class Domain).
A stone will be given to you, by a merchant, to increase your level, you will have enough to reach level 255.
Once you have used the stone, you will be able to leave the heavenly sojourn and go on an adventure.

The official language of Dream Eden will be English, but the support/team is fluent in other languages.

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