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Syphrena | Semi-Blizz 3.3.5 US|FR

Syphrena | Semi-Blizz 3.3.5 US|FR

Syphrena | Semi-Blizz 3.3.5 US|FR

GamePlay : Blizzlike

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The Syphrena team offers a Semi-Blizzlike TLK Kingdom + additional content in version 3.3.5.

■ Semi-Blizzlike:

Our team is working on additional content that does not damage the Blizzlike content in any way, while keeping a balance between each class, as well as the difficulty of the dungeons/raids.

- Parangon System
- Account-related mounts
- Mascot linked to accounts
- CrossFaction
- Rebirth System
- Cataclysm/MoP/WoD Dungeons/Raids
- MOP Zone
- Legion Zone
- All classes with all races
- Mounts from all expansions
- Cosmetics/Transmo
and much more content to come

Our goal is to offer you content that can satisfy all kinds of players, as well as to listen to you and entertain you on Syphrena.

Discord :

Don't wait any longer, join us!

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